Quality Policy

To ensure that our products are 100% compliant with customer specifications, Greatlink’s quality control effort begins in the design stage of the product and last until the product’s end of life. This is brought about by our strict and consistent commitment to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, TS16949, UL and TÜV standards.  Greatlink’s factories are equipped with state-of-the-art Equipment and six sigma process controls are applied to guarantee consistent high levels of quality.  All of the employees at Greatlink are making continuous efforts to provide the very best quality in all our products and services we offer.

To fulfill the above mentioned commitments, Greatlink have implemented the following policies: 

  • Improve manufacturing techniques through constant R&D.
  • Bring down costs.
  • Deliver reliable product quality.
  • Maintain customer-oriented sales force to improve customer feedback system.
  • Coordinate with suppliers and customers in order to achieve a customer-oriented quality management system.
  • Continue technological innovation. 
    • To improve manufacturing techniques through constant R&D.
    • To bring down the costs.
    • To improve product quality.
    • To maintain customer-oriented sales force to upgrade customer feedback systems.
    • Continue Technological Innovation.